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PANIC ! Miguna Miguna Reports Uhuru Accusing Him For Stealing Billions Of Shillings Donated By A Chinese To Curb Covid-19

Daniel Mutuva



The deported Kenyan Canadian based renowned lawyer Dr Miguna Miguna has reported president Uhuru Kenyatta for embezzling billions of shillings donated by Chinese businessman Jack Ma to curb for covid-19 pandemic in Kenya. Through his post he pinned at his twitter account, Lawyer Dr Miguna Miguna wishes all fathers a happy father’s day as they celebrate their important day today on 21st June 2020.

PHOTO: Chinese Businessman Jack Ma

However, Deported Lawyer Miguna Miguna further informed the Chinese Businessman Jack Ma in a tweet whether he’s aware that his donation of billions of shillings worth of covid-19 equipments and materials to suffering Kenyans have been stolen by President Uhuru. He accuded President Uhuru that he stole donation together with his men in the government.

“Happy Father’s Day @JackMa, Are You aware that all the billions of shillings worth of #COVID-19 equipment and materials you donated to suffering Kenyans have been stolen by Despite Uhuru Kenyatta and his Men? #uhurumustgo,” Lawyer Miguna Miguna twitted.

However, Since the vetaran Lawyer Dr Miguna Miguna was deported from his country Kenya for insulting the country, he has been accusing the country uttering against it more specifically president Uhuru Kenyatta’s government for failing to run the country effectively.

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However, it’s prohibited and a criminal offense for a patriotic citizen to talk again his or her country. Additionally, as covid-19 pandemic intensfy in the country, the government of Kenya has been employing diverse measures in a bold bid to curb the spread of covid-19. The samples of covid-19 are taken every day to identify the victims. It has been advising the netizens to take heed of stipulated measures to limit the spread of the deadly virus in the country.

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