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Panic Intensfy As Government Threatens To Close All Borders As From This Date

Daniel Mutuva



Due to covid-19 pandemic that hitted the country, the government has been employing diverse measures in a bid to combat further spread of the disease. However, due to spike in covid-19, the government of Burundi has decleared the closure of all land Borders from January 11, 2021.

Following the information disclosed by the East African newspaper dated Sunday 10, January 2021, the government of Burundi affirms that all international airport will stay open as post-holiday surge in covid-19 cases jumps to all high in 48 hours.

The republic of Burundi is one of the country affected with covid-19 pandemic as cases tend to escalate on daily basis. However, netizens have been asked to strictly observe adherence to covid-19 containment measures set aside by world health organization (WHO) with conjunction with ministry of health.

Covid-19 pandemic has been hitting diverse countries in the world following the upsurge of covid-19 cases. The second phase of covid-19 pandemic tend to escalate as people advised to adhere to covid-19 containment measures.

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