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Panic! ICC Hunts DP Ruto as Fresh Details Leaks

Daniel Mutuva



PHOTO: Deputy President William Ruto

Panic has emerged in Deputy President William Ruto’s camp as lawyer surrenders on Ruto’s case in International criminal court in Hague, Netherlands. DP Ruto had been taken before the international court due to election violence in 2007 experienced in the country that lead to mass loss of lives of Kenyan netizens.


It’s reportedly lawyer Bensouda accuses of corrupting witnesses on Ruto’s case to withdrawal from testifying presented and asked to surrender to the Hague as local daily Nation newspaper reports.

However, as per reports, the deputy President William Ruto was not acquitted and the judges agreed case could be revived with new evidence.


“When lawyer Bensouda accuses of corrupting witnesses to withdraw from testifying in one of the Kenya cases presented himself to Dutch authorities and asked to surrender to the Hague ,which has a warrant out of him, it raised all manner of possibilities,some of them nightmarish. First, it might mean exactly nothing; he has nothing to trade and he’s merely putting his affairs in order. Or, secondly, it may be that he has come to do a deal and turn on his erstwhile friends , principal amount then the DP,” Daily Nation newspaper reports

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It’s a big blow to Deputy President William Ruto as reportedly over the claims of corrupting the witnesses set to give out evidence against his case in International Criminal Court (ICC). Judges have now Threatened to revive the case though provision of new evidence against the case.

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