Panic For Kangemi Residents In Nairobi As Demolition Begins

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The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) begun demolishing the long standing Kangemi Bridge. In pictures seen by our team on Monday February 22, barricades had already been set to begin work.

The bridge is part of an expansion process currently ongoing on Waiyaki way. This also makes way for the construction of the Nairobi Expressway.

Residents of Kangemi had already been informed ealier on the demlotion and had spent the last 10 days taking pictures on the bridge.

KeNHA put out a notice on February 10 revealing that the bridge would be brought down before the month ended. The notice also provided for other routes that motorists could use.

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Those coming into town would use the divertion that happened just before the bridge.

Motorists going out of Nairobi towards Nakuru would divert just beside Total Petrol station and drive for a 100 metres before rejoining the highway.

The Kangemi Bridge has served the residents of the slum helping them cross Waiyaki way safely.

It also served as a connection into the busy market wihtout having to run into the busy Waiyaki way traffic.

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