Panic At Royal Media After This Death Threats

Photo: Citizen TV Studio

Life as an journalist in Kenya has never been an easy walk in the park as cartel and corrupt individuals always send threats to those who unearthen their social evils.
Royal media journalist revealed that his life could be in danger after he received death threats from two Mps who hail from Uasin Gishi.
Renowned lawyers who come from Eldoret have urged the directorate of criminal investigations to dig into the matter urgently.

Photo: Citizen TV journalist John Wanyama

Citizen Television journalist recently exposed the pathetic State and condition of the roads that are found in Kesses Sub county.
“A whole Member of Parliament can have a militia of about 20 people to threaten a journalist with death threats and the Member of Parliament is Privy to such discussion, we are going to the dogs if in one year to elections some can have a militia,” the lawyer defending Wanyama remarked.

However, the allegations by the Citizen TV journalist should be taken seriously as the area has been marked as a hot bed of cold blood murder of innocent Kenyans’ lives.
On the other hand after the outcry on the poor state of the roads reached Kesses MP Swarup Mishra, On Monday June 22 he assured his constituents that he will do what is humanly possible to bring an end to their misery.


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