Panic As Veteran Machakos Journalist Goes Missing

Veteran Machakos writer Jennifer Wambua disappears.
Veteran Machakos columnist Jennifer Itumbi Wambua who has disappeared since Walk 12, 2021.
As per her family, Ms Wambua, a previous department boss with the Kenya News Office (KNA) in Machakos, was most recently seen on Friday morning, Walk 12, when her significant other dropped her to work.
The writer, who as of now functions as the representative chief for correspondences at the Public Land Commission, didn’t get back after working all day on Friday and she had not been followed by Sunday evening.
Her significant other, Joseph Komu, said in the wake of dropping her to work at the commission’s workplaces on Friday morning, he was astonished to discover her tote and her cell phone in the family vehicle hours after the fact, while at a carport.
Mr Komu works with the Service of Farming at Kilimo House, a mobile separation from her work place. The vehicle was left at a close by leaving yard.
Tote in vehicle
He says it shows up she returned to the vehicle, dropped her purse which contained her cell phone however he can’t determine what happened from that point.
“I picked the vehicle at around 11am and went to the carport where I found my significant other’s satchel and her telephone. After the vehicle was fixed, I headed to her office to drop the things yet was stunned when her associates disclosed to me she had not been seen that day,” said the upset spouse.
On Saturday morning, after she neglected to appear the earlier evening, Mr Komu says he drove back to NLC workplaces and continued to report the matter at Legislative center Slope Police headquarters.
CCTV film 
Criminal investigators visited the commission’s workplaces and recovered CCTV film to follow her developments from the time she was dropped by her significant other.
Fundamental examinations show that she without a doubt answered to her fourth floor office at ACK Addition nearby Ardhi House, as per CCTV film, however was seen leaving about an hour later.
In the two minutes caught by cameras — while landing from the structure’s lift and later as she left the workplaces — she is seen conveying her purse.
“As of now, criminal investigators have recovered CCTV film at her work environment and starter examinations show that she entered her fourth floor office and later left conveying her tote, after an hour,” said Mr Komu.

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Photo: Writer Jennifer Wambua in work place


Nonetheless, investigators are bewildered how her cell phone was hours after the fact found in her significant other’s vehicle that was left close to the workplace.
“It shows up she was either captured at the parking garage after she opened the vehicle and put the tote containing her cell phone, or she readily dropped the things in the vehicle and left,” the upset spouse told Country by phone.
He said his significant other’s inability to appear at home for a third night has elevated nervousness in the family.
Mr Komu was Sunday addressed by investigators at the DCI base camp and recorded an explanation with the group following the columnist’s whereabouts. The couple lives in Machakos town.
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