Panic As Prominent African Leader Is Admitted At Nairobi Hospital Due To Covid-19 Complications

Panic ,and worry have engulf people after it has been reported that a top African leader has been admitted to Nairobi National Hospital due to Covid-19 complications.
Nairobi Hospital
Photo: Nairobi Hospital

Multiple sources confirmed that the leader who has reportedly been ailing since late last month.The country has recently softened its stance on the pandemic.

The leader of an African country who has not appeared in public for nearly two weeks is admitted to Nairobi Hospital for Covid-19 treatment, even as his government remains mum on his whereabouts.

Netizens have started panicking after it has been reported by Nation Media that a prominent African leader has been admitted to Nairobi National Hospital. People are still in shock and are keenly following up the matter so as to know who is exactly the leader is.

As State update contributer i send  prayers so as the leader to be well soon and serve his people.


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