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PANIC As Gikomba Market Traders Counts Mass Loss Of Goods After Fire Outbreak

Daniel Mutuva



The traders of Gikomba market has counted mass loss of goods after the sudden outbreak of fire in the market of unestablished source. It’s reportedly that the fire began at 2am where mass properties has been destroyed. Still the fire is on as the investigation on the cause of the fires kicks off.

However, this is not the first time Gikomba market is set on fire, it’s reportedly that it has been facing this incident on annual basis and the fire is capable of covering the large area due to very high flammable goods sold in the market.

On the basis of further reports submission, Their might be a great deal behind the Regular fire break out at Gikomba due to the aim of expanding the area. Additionally, it’s attached that the deal is behind arson as a key tactic used by the corrupt officials in the government to get control of the urban land.

However, it has been a great hit to traders who have been experiencing mass loss of their properties on a regular basis triggered by fire break out. Gikomba is a concentrated market that serves majority being one of the largest market in Kenya that sells “Mitumba” the clothes that has been already used.

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