Panic As Covid-19 Storms In Milimani Law Courts After Staffs Tested Positive, Closed For 14 Days

Milimani Law Courts [Courtesy]


A state of panic as emerged after some staffs in Milimani law courts tested covid-19 positive. It’s reportedly few of Milimani law court staffs shows off covid like symptoms where all other staffs were directed to quarantine for 14 days.

This comes after covid-19 pandemic intensfy in the country where the number of covid-19 cases have been reportedly shooting on daily basis. Individuals were asked by the Ministry of health to strictly adhere to covid-19 containment measures including observing of social distancing measure in a bid to combat the virus.

However, it has been identified that most Kenyans are defying the measures leading to further spread of the disease.
As per reports, Milimani Law Court is undergoing fumigation after the staffs were forced to quarantine.

“Milimani Law courts Clossed for the next 14 days with staffs directed to quarantine after a few of them experienced covid-19 like symptoms.The place is currently under fumigation,” Sarafina reports via her twitter account

Even after the pandemic intensfy, the government of Kenya has set aside bold measures to contain the disease. Partial lockdown has been imposed to areas spotted to have been affected by the virus. Also the imposition of curfew has been and will help to contain the disease with other measures selected.


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