Panic As Accident Victim Put Under Isolation After Showing Covid-19 Symptoms While Undergoing Treatment

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Edhar Mbihia Misoga is nursing a broken rib,leg and arm from an accident that occurred last week on Thursday.

Later, medics abandoned him as soon as he  started coughing blood and when his body temperature rose.
They thought he had contracted Covid-19 . All medical care and treatment ceased immediately he displayed the Corona symptoms.
He was left alone groaning in pain from his fractured bones that had been broken in the accident.
The accident occurred when he was driving from Mombasa to Nairobi with his cousin when they bumped into a lorry.
His cousin was taken to a hospital in Kibwezi while Edgar was taken to Makindu Sub county Hospital.
When the symptoms started showing, he was placed under isolation.Even his father who had visited him earlier wasn’t allowed to see him again.
For the next four days, Edgar lay alone and in pain and no one believed that he didn’t have Covid-19.
Even after he showed them a letter indicating that he had a heart condition that often caused congestion which led led to coughing.
“The coughing and fever were most likely from the effects of the accident injuries and trauma on Mbihia’s heart and not due to Covid-19,”says the father.
Makindu Sub county Hospital has denied Edgar Mbihia’s claims.

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