ODM Mp Opens Up On Missing Duale

New majority leader in the national assembly, Kipipiri member of parliament , Amos Kimunya was dealt a huge blow as ODM members directed attacks on him.The house was discusing on how and why the Constituency Development Fund has delayed contrary to other years.Kimunya was blamed as his leadership was weighed to that of former majority leader Aden Duale.
Alego Usonga mp Sam Atandi challenged the Kipipiri mp urging him to improve his leadership in the role he was given.Usonga said that the money should be released early for project development .He said that projects are pending due to the money delay and they are busy passing government bills.He said that the new leadership should be firm and states that he misses that of Garissa township mp Duale.
According to Usonga, Duale used to go treasury and push for money release and this wanted Kimunya to also push for it.
“…money should be  released early so that our projects do not stall while we are here passing government bills. The new leadership must be firm and this is why I miss Duale. On this I miss Duale because he was very firm. He used to go to the Treasury CS ensure we got our money. The new Majority Leader should push Treasury ,” Atandi said.
On an attempt to defend himself, Kimunya was silenced by ODM chair John Mbadi who warned him to be keen with his words.He has not enjoyed a good time since landing the new role after jubilee party made some parliamentary role changes.
Duale had enjoyed a smooth run as majority leader since being eleceted as member of Parliament.He was affected when Jubilee decided to make changes as some leaders were accused of being rebels.At first, Duale had escaped but he was changed and his role given to Kipipiri mp Amos Kimunya.However, he was grateful for the time he was leading the house and that has been evidenced by MP’s claiming to miss his leadership


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