ODM Give New Updates On Raila’s Health Condition


Reports on Raila Odinga being admitted at the Nairobi hospital left very many people worried on the state of his health.
Unlike in the past incident where Raila’s sickness wasn’t brought to the lime since he was secretly flown into and out of the country, this time it has been clear on his welfare.

Last week the former prime minister Raila Odinga spent his time drumming up support for the building bridges initiative at the coast where he met several leaders and residents.

Odinga broke silence last night and gave a report concerning the state of his health Which, was a major relief to many people.

“Wakenya wenzangu, Thank you for the overwhelming messages of goodwill. I’m feeling much much better now and following doctors orders. Asanteni!” Raila Odinga asserted.

The former prime minister’s doctor lately remarked that the former prime minister is in good health, the Covid-19 and other tests turned out to be negative.

ODM Official Phillip Etale early this morning revealed that Odinga doing good and there is no cause for concern.

“To many of you who have been calling and sending messages of inquiry in my inbox; BABA is fine and pretty soon as stated by his personal Doctor, he will speak to the nation. Have a Blessed day dear friends,” Phillip Etale remarked.

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