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ODM Clears Raila’s Name in The New Revenue Sharing Formula

Lamech Bwabi



The new revenue sharing formula has continued to divide the nation as a section of leaders go against their political affiliations and even defying their party leaders.The motion has been postponed four times and on Tuesday the debate is expected to resume.In the last sitting, 25 senators went against their affiliations and voted against the bill proposed by senate majority whip Irungu Kang’ata.
Earlier before, ODM leader Raila Odinga had supported the old sharing formula and going against the Commission of Revenue Allocation (CRA) proposal.According to CRA’s new proposal to the senate, the funds should be shared in a one to one ratio,I.e One body, one shilling one vote.The revenue is to be shares according to the latest census results and thus counties with most person were to gain.
The old formula based on the geographic size of the county. It is alleged that Raila held a closed door meeting with Uhuru after which he changed the tune to supporting the new formula supported by majority of central region leaders.Raila’s supporters accused him for betraying them especially the coastal region where supporting the new formula meant that the region could loose much money.
ODM chair John Mbadi has come out to defend the party and it’s leader based on the decision made in the senate. Mbadi while speaking to the standard said that the formula was a senate problem that whether passed or failed is by the senate and not ODM or Raila.
“The revenue-sharing formula is a Senate problem and not of ODM or Raila’s making. Making the failure of the passage of the formula an ODM issue is dishonest and political mischief,” stated ODM chair John Mbadi.
It is alleged that Raila met with Uhuru so that their senators could vote for the new formula for the sake of the handshake.The sentiments by Mbadi comes after a section of leader from the Mt Kenya region vowed not to support the BBI after the new formula failed to pass.Senators like Le Dama Ole Kina have rejected the formula and thus it is thought Raila did not do what it takes to convince his senators to support the motion.

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