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Not Ruto Or Raila? The Man Uhuru Is Expected To Endorse In 2022 Revealed

Job Maangi



Photo: President Uhuru kenyatta

Many people are very anxious to know who the outgoing president Uhuru Kenyatta will endorse to succeed him when he leaves office.

Leaders close to the deputy president Dr William Ruto have continued to blame the president Uhuru Kenyatta for breaking the promise that he made to Dp.

The Handshake between the former prime minister Raila Odinga and Uhuru is what seems to have worsened the relationship between the two leaders who were close allies.

Although the president Uhuru Kenyatta has not made it clear on whether or he shall back Ruto in 2022, his comments that it is time that another tribe rules the country apart from the Kalenjins and Kikuyus is a clear indication that Dp should prepare for the worst.

Photo: ANC Party Leader Musalia Mudavadi

According to a report by the Star Newspaper, influencial people within the government could like to endorse ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi as the favorite person to take after president Uhuru Kenyatta.

In a Confidential meeting that was held at Pan African Hotel, the powerful leaders discussed on the advantages and disadvantages of having Musalia Mudavadi as Uhuru’s endorsee. It emerged that without Raila’s support, the western political Kingpin will fail terribly.

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ODM ally who addressed the Star was skeptical about Raila Odinga Supporting another candidate since he is very popular compared to other leaders. He insisted that the leader should be given the final chance to rule the country.

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