No More Wailing Sounds As Iconic Reggae Singer Passes On


Iconic reggae singer, Bunny Wailer has died aged 73. He succumbed to his death in Kingston Jamaica.

Bunny Wailer who is among the founders of the Wailing Sounds that consisted of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and him, which is one of the best Reggae group in the reggae genre.

According to fans all over the globe, they say that he was blessed with life and was the only standing soldier of Jah. This is unlike his compatriots where Bob Marley is said to be blessed with Riches and Peter Tosh was blessed with a heart of steel.

His music is one of the most listened to globally and was one of the most influential reggae artists.

The message conveyed by his music was so influential, telling people of how Jah loved his people and was nicknamed as the Reggae Preacher as by his music.

He now follows in the paths of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh in becoming a legend of the reggae music genre, he was a living legend of the industry.

Many fans are mourning the iconic singer and he will be surely remembered.


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