Home News NMS Outshines Sonko As Korogocho And Mathare Gets A New Facelift

NMS Outshines Sonko As Korogocho And Mathare Gets A New Facelift

NMS Outshines Sonko As Korogocho And Mathare Gets A New Facelift
Photo: NMS Boss

Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) led by General Mohammed Badi have put up plans to upgrade some slums in Nairobi. The main slums to benefit from the plans are Korogocho and Mathare.

According to the NMS Director General Mohammed Badi, the two informal settlements are soon going to be declared special planning areas. This will pave way for planning of the slums and as a result, ensure the formulation of harmonised standards and guidelines for buildings and other forms of development.

The NMS had already declared Mukuru and Kibra informal settlements as special planning areas. According to General Badi, the development plans in such areas have been suspended for two years.

“This will ensure that any future developments will be undertaken under a planning framework,” Major General Badi told the press.

Additionally, Badi said the plan was in line with the President’s directives to Nairobi Metropolitan Service in March this year to undertake the slum upgrading initiative in the Metropolitan Area.

Major General Badi also disclosed that three sector plans had been concluded where implementation began early May this year. The sectors includes water and sanitation, roads and drainage, and electrification.

In 2018, Mukuru informal settlement was declared a special planning area by the then Nairobi County Government. The declaration covered areas from Marigoini to Viwandani.

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The main aim was to construct roads and modern houses as part of the regeneration of a number of informal settlements in the county.

The County Government set aside Sh56 million to finance the projects. Sh20 million was also set aside for planning facilitation and Sh36 million for land surveying, registration, roads and sewers.

Kibra informal settlement was declared a Special Planning Area under the Physical and Land Use Planning Act on May 26, 2020 to pave way for its planning.

The move led to suspension of the ongoing developments in Lindi, Makina, Laini Saba and Sarang’ombe Wards.


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