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Nitty-gritty Into CS Fred Matiangi’s Presidential Bid

Brian Sunguti



The very powerful Interior and Coordination of National Government Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiangi  has openly come out to speak about his 2022 presidential ambition. This comes after the CS has been widely spoken about as the most likely compromise candidate for the presidency come 2022, even as political realignments slowly take place in the country today. The CS was however not willing to commit himself to such like presidential talks, at least not now, citing his very huge mandate in government today as his most important point of focus.
He reiterated that he was currently focused on his vast roles as Cabinet Secretary and that he cannot in any way purport to start speaking about 2022 politics now. He even went religious, terming such like talks about 2022 as one that only God himself knows about. He stated that he first has to fulfill his mandates as provided for in the constitution and as assigned to him by the Head of State. That this was his most important thing to do before asking for any further presidential responsibilities from Kenyans. One can only ask for more if that which they have at hand has been dealt with to satisfaction.

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Dr Matiangi also chairs the powerful National Development Implementation Coordination Committee, a position that was gazetted by President Kenyatta in order to oversee all national government development projects. This puts him in a powerful position of chairing a cabinet secretaries sub committee on national development. A role that has been likened to that of the Prime Minister as per its functions in Presidential Executive Order No 1 of 2019. He termed this position as one that was so demanding of him, but that he was up to the task.

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