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New Writing Rules And Guidelines For State Update News

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A] Title/Headline

  1. Titles should not have spelling mistakes and special symbols (emoji).Example: Becoming Finioncialy Stable At A Job You Hate
  2. Titles MUST be creative and easy to understand from a reader’s point of view.
  3. Articles will be rejected if the title has obvious grammatical errors. Example: Arsenal’s mikel arteta names is assistant. The “is” should be “his”, and the name should start with upper case letters.
  4. Each character of the each word in the tittle MUST be an Uppercase. Always capitalize the first letter of each word in the title / except the prepositions (for, or, and, to …)
  5. Articles should not contains title with symbols, like ^ & Example: Why you should eat Rice & Fish every week.
  6. Article title should not contain unreadable characters Example a: The Skin Benefits of Sugar will shock youüò ± üò ± · –‚ÄòThe goop lab‚
  7. Articles will be rejected if the title uses these words at the beginning of the headline. They will be deemed as clickbait. E.g; Shocking, Shock, OMG, Unbelievable, TWITTER GOES WILD, SURPRISE, Amazing, You Won’t Believe
  8. Article should not contain incomplete or confusing title, which makes it hard to understand. Example: Help my husband promises relative to name our daughter after her – furious wife shouts
  9. Article Title should have the headline that is relevant to the Content. The title should not have the headline deliberately hides key information, such as time and place to induce users to click

B] Content:

Note; Content Should Be At Least 280/300 words 

  1. Content published on State Update News across all projects is expected to meet the following criteria:  Originality
    Clear logic
    Good layout
  2. High-definition and good quality graphics
  3. Article need to be more than 270 words for news articles, and minimum of 500 words for analysis feature and opinion articles. A minimum of 500 words is acceptable but such content can be more than 500 words. However, it’s advisable to write Content with more words to achieve high impression and clicks
  4. The content SHOULD be related to the title.
    The contents should be separated into clear paragraphs without spelling mistakes and special symbols such as emoji.
  5. The feature image MUST be clear and related to the content and also AVOID explicit images.
  6. All news articles MUST be original and sources attributed where necessary.
  7. Content should NOT contain offensive and sexual appealing language. (Words, photos and videos)
  8. All articles MUST be current and relevant to readers.
  9. Content should NOT contain writer’s personal information such as personal/business phone number, social contacts and email for advertising purpose.
  10. Any form of promotion that has no relevance to the content is NOT allowed.
    It is NOT allowed to publish the illegal/ defamatory content.
  11. Articles should not have disgusting, uncomfortable and frightening pictures:
    Articles should not contain mostly horror pictures or spooky video screenshots, frightening ghosts, corpses, etc.
  12. Articles should not contain images showing the eating of living organisms or disgusting food, etc.
  13. Articles should not contain images that cause shocking reactions, such as excreta.
    Articles should not depict frightening scenes, such as shooting, murder, violence, etc.
  14. Articles should not show abnormal people and animals.
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Fake news

  1. Articles should not have the content that is contrary to established science fact(s).
  2. The circumstances of the event in the article should not be contrary to what has actually occured.
  3. The content in the article should not be based on fabrication or rumours that are not verifiable. Should be valid
  4. Articles should cite a reputable, linkable source for the majority of the information in the articles.

Out-dated content

  1. The content should be Original. The expired time-sensitive content such as sports games, events or shows, weather forecasts, etc, will be rejected. Example is an author who is still publishing news that happened three days ago.
  2. No obsolete information. This means when there is a new development, but the author is still writing the development before the new update.


  1. Authors are encouraged to publish original articles. If more than 25% of the content in the article is plagiarized, such articles will be rejected for copyright infringement.


Articles should not containing marketing, purchasing information, and the advertising of a product or brand.

Articles should not contain phone number or shopping website link for readers to buy products.

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Article with low quality cover image

  1. Cover images should not cause discomfort, are disgusting, bloody, violent, or scary.
  2. Cover images should not be fuzzy and of low quality, making it difficult for users to determine the content of the image.
  3. Cover images should not display pornography and other illegal content.
  4. Cover images should not contain marketing content or illegal promotion information.

Poorly Edited Content

  1. Article should not have many grammatical and spelling errors in the text, which hinder readers from understanding the content of the article.
  2. Article should have clear paragraphs and proper punctuation marks in the text and should not contain large pieces of texts and pictures placed together, which makes it difficult for the user to read
  3. Article should be competent and no repeated sentences in the text which gives readers a bad reading experience

Pornographic content

  1. Articles Should not contain real or comic sexual imagery, or detailed descriptions of sexual activity in the text, should be rejected.
  2. Articles should not contain real or comic imagery that depict sexual organs and/or nudity should be rejected.
  3. Articles should not contain pictures that display acts of prostitution, fornication, rape, etc, and link to pornographic websites.
  4. Articles should not display sexual acts with minors, child molestation, sexual assault on minors, and indecent exposure of minors.

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