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Nairobi County Speaker Beatrice Elachi Resignation Attracts Mixed Reactions

Brian Sunguti



In the latest twist and turns within the County Assembly of Nairobi, its speaker Beatrice Elachi has finally decided to call it quits. In her early morning presser, Elachi broke the lid as to why she had decided to resign. All the while calling on President Kenyatta to humbly accept her resignation letter saying that there have been life threatening developments within the county assembly that have made her make up her mind.

Nairobi county assembly has been making headlines and for all the wrong reasons off late.  With MCA in fightings being the order of the day. A move that has seen the county assembly divided down into two. With one faction of MCAs supporting the speaker Beatrice Elachi, and the other group throwing their support behind embattled county governor Mike Sonko. Its has been barely a week since Elachi locked herself in her office to escape the wrath of irate MCAs who were hellbent on kicking her out.

Perhaps the last straw that broke the camel’s back for speaker Elachi who now seems to have had enough of the county Assembly’s intrigues and in fighting. And with deputy speaker John Kamangu likely to take up the mantle, Nairobi county is now tossed further down the ditch, with calls for the abolition of the county government slowly taking shape. And without a deputy governor, its two most powerful leaders have also not fallen short of controversy.

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Governor Sonko, accused of corruption and mismanagement of county resources, had to relinquish a number of county services to the newly created Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS). A move he later came to public denounce, saying that he had been intoxicated into signing the deal. Senator Sakaja on the other hand found him self on the wrong side of the law when he went of a drinking spree past curfew hours. A crime that landed him in court, and fined, together with the public ridicule that comes along with it.

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