Nairobi County Drama: Fearless Worker Steps Back To Office

Nairobi clerk, Jacob Ngwele has returned to office after months of being locked out by Speaker Beatrice Elachi.

This comes after a court and Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) confirmed that he is in office legally.
Early this Month,EACC affirmed that Mr Ngwele was legally appointed as the Assembly’s Clerk after investigations by the Anti-Corruption Commission.
The Central Bank also acknowledged his position as the clerk in it’s letter to Miss Elachi who had tried to remove him as a signatory to the Assembly’s accounts.
The feid between Ms Elachi and Mr Ngwele began in 2018. It resurfaced Last year after the return of Ms Elachi as the speaker.
Immediately after her return,Me Elachi sent Mr Ngwele to a compulsory leave to government room for investigations over alleged sabotage of the assembly.
Ms Monicah Muthami was later appointed as acting Clerk a week later replacing Mr Ngwele at the Board.
An ad hoc committee of the assembly was later formed which in it’s report revoked the appointment of Mr Ngwele as the clerk on grounds of violation of section 18(2) of the County Assembly Services Act.


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