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Museveni In Trouble As America Gangs Up With Opposition

Job Maangi



Photo: Yoweri Museveni with Bobi Wine

Ugandans went to the ballot to vote in for their next leaders who are expected to lead the country in the next few months.

Yoweri Museveni was Declared the winner of the elections after garnering 58.64% of the total cast votes as Bobi Wine trailed behind him with 34.83% of the votes and 52% of the registered voters participated in the whole excercise.

The president elect Museveni who aged 76 years old has ruled the country for over 35 years and seems determined to continue governing the country with 38 year old Bobi Wine hopefull that he will liberate the country.
During the elections, Uganda opposition cited fraud and other election related mulpractises which denied the citizens their legal right to vote.
Bobi Wine made a complaint that his agents and friends were blocked from receiving any communication from him.
He went on to say that one of his friends who tried to access him was injured at the gate by the Soilders before being taken to hospital.

Mathias Mpuuga of Wine’s National Unity Party (NUP) breathe fire against Museveni’s administration, he said that they have evidence showing evidence of ballot staffing and other forms of elections malpractices. He said they will challenge the elections results.

“We applaud Ugandans who exercised their right to vote in the January 14 elections, yet remain concerned by reports of election irregularities and politically motivated arrests. We urge authorities to address such irregularities and restore communications,” Morgan Ortagus American State Spokesperson stated.

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