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Musando Killers In Trouble As Ex-IEBC Staff Spills Beans

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A few days to the last general elections Kenyans woke up to sad news that the senior IEBC Official Chris Musando had been murdered in cold blood.
The tears that his wife shed during the funeral won the hearts of many Kenyans as an outcry was made to for justice towards the family.

Photo: Former IEBC IT Boss (left) with Dr Roselyn Akombe (right)

The ill-fated act of brutality and inhumane act that happened to Musando has not faded out of the minds of Kenyans because of the promise that he had made to ensure that Kenyans have fair and transparent elections where dead people will not vote again.

Former IEBC staff Roselyn Akombe yesterday came out guns blazing against the murderers of Musando, she said that she is willing to testify against the killers during his next anniversary.

“Now that we are on our @NelsonHavi @lawsocietykenya appreciation day, may I indulge you with a request? On this anniversary of my colleague Msando’s murder, could you take this case up in the public’s interest? As I have said in the past, I am ready to testify #JusticeForMsando,” Roselyn Akombe asserted.

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“Thank you @NelsonHavi! I have so much faith in you! “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” -Martin Luther King, Jr. Keep on keeping on Nelson Havi. @lawsocietykenya live up to your reputation, bold and fearless!” Boniface Mwangi remarked.

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