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Murkomen’s Message To Uhuru Lands Him In Trouble

Job Maangi




The former leader of the majority in the Senate Kipchumba Murkomen came out guns blazing against the president Uhuru Kenyatta despite of Kenya winning the UN Security council temporary membership.
He asked him declare in every international forum whether he will extend his term as the president of the republic of Kenya in the year 2022.
Murkomen remarked,”The fact that the President of Kenya has to answer in every international forum whether he will extend his term, is a serious indictment on the state of our Democracy. I don’t remember President Mwai Kibaki being asked this question over and over again. This is not a good legacy!”

However, Murkomen’s sentiments landed him in his critics frying pan, as president Uhuru Kenyatta’s allies came out to defend him.
“TAKE it from Senator…H.E UHURU is too smart to hang around after his 2 terms as President aspire. TAKE it from me, H.E UHURU will retire with dignify and respect…and with his head held high,” Lawyer Ahmednasir.
Lawyer Ahmednasir Who once served as Uhuru’s lawyer revealed that the president is too smart and is not planning to extend in power for one more term.

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi, “My FREN @kipmurkomen Can you spell-check your TWEETS. Pease. And while at it, can you also GROUND TRUTH your LOGIC. If KENYA won the UN SEAT, Celebrate with US. Then attack UHURU later. #KenyaAppreciates.”
On the other hand Mutahi Ngunyi who is Murkomen’s biggest critic urged the embattled senator to celebrate Kenya’s victory at the UN security council and then he can attack the president later.

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“Very pleased that we have won the UN Security Council seat. The victory reaffirms Kenya’s strategic position in the community of nations,” Ruto said.
Deputy president however was quite different as he joined Kenyans and other internationals on tweeter to celebrate Kenya’s victory at the UN security council.

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