Mudavadi Maintains His Stand As President Uhuru Plans New Cabinet.



As the 2022 General election is approaching, President Uhuru Kenyatta is so much determined to leave behind his a great legacy.

Several changes have been made in his ruling party, Jubilee as some of the leaders inclined to deputy president William Ruto have been stripped off their positions both in the National Assembly and the Senate House.

Close sources to the president has also disclosed the possibility of cabinet reshuffling. Some of the top leaders have been called to suggest the names of the new cabinet ministers.

However, Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi has come out to deny the claims that he is part of the team formed to craft a government with an expanded Cabinet. The plan is believed to ensure equal distribution of the cabinet seats throughout the country.

 Mudavadi claims that he has not received any form of communication from the president asking him to present names in the proposed expanded Cabinet.

“President Kenyatta is my friend but he has not spoken to me about such an arrangement. In any event, all the critical and strategic public appointments have already been filled,” Mr. Mudavadi stated.

Additionally, he criticized the plans to expand the cabinet and term the move as a “political gimmick”.

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“Our battered economy badly needs fixing. The government should be addressing public debt by engaging in negotiations to seek the rescheduling of the debt. Our economy has been battered by the growing public debt and it could take up to five years to fix it and turn around the situation.” he added.

In an interview by local radio stations based in Luyhia Land, Mudavadi explained how he learnt a painful lesson back in 2002 when he was made Vice President for three months by the late  President Daniel Moi and lost his Sabatia parliamentary seat to former Vihiga Governor Moses Akaranga in the subsequent polls.

“I am now wiser so I don’t want to repeat the mistakes which badly affected my political career. I am focused on serving Kenyans as their next president. I do not want to be derailed from my course by the so-called political realignments,” he said.

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