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” Mtatuonesha Aibu” Tanzanian Opposition Leader Against Body Being Shown to Masses

Boniface Juma



Photo: Tanzanian President Suluhu

The death of Tanzanian president John Pombe Magufuli took many by shock. While others still can’t believe the demise of the ” Bulldozer ” as formerly nicknamed, many are yet to agree with the news.

The news were aired out by the now and sworn President Samia Suluhu Hassan that Magufuli had succumbed to Heart complications in a national hospital. His health condition had however been hidden from public as many said that the head of state was suffering from Covid-19 having turned a deaf ear to the virus in the country.

Funeral arrangements are underway from where he will be burried in Chato, his rural village.

The body however has to be placed for the masses for the people together with leaders to pay their last respect to the fallen soldier.

However, this move has sparkled critics from the opposition leader Tundu Antiphus Lisu who sees the move to be unhealthy in the middle of a pandemic.

The former Tz law maker took to his Social media pages and published in Twitter. As viewed from his tweets, he urges the female president to abandon the mission as soon as possible terming the action as embarrassing.

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