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MP Duale Reveals The Age Of His Eldest Brother Who Passed Away In Tragic Road Accident

Daniel Mutuva



PHOTO; Garissa Township MP Aden Duale

In Summary

  • Garissa Township MP Aden Duale Reveals the age of his elder brother Dubow Bare who passed away in tragic road Accident.
  • Aden Duale’s brother involved in a grisly road accident this Sunday morning along Garissa-Nairobi highway.
  • Details on what caused the tragic road accident that led to succumb of Duale’s brother has not yet revealed.


The MP of Garissa Township Contituency Aden Duale has revealed the age of his eldest brother who involved in tragic road accident this Sunday morning alongside Garissa- Nairobi highway. According to MP Aden Duale his succumbed brother Dubow Bare was the eldest in the family.


The details on what caused the grisly road accident is till pending as many pours their heartfelt condolences to the lawmaker Aden Duale for the death of his Beloved brother. However, as reports indicates, the death comes months after the death of his mother.


Via his tweet he penned on social media MP Aden Duale revealed the real age of his dead brother. Duale affirmed Dubow Bare was 62 years old. He further claimed that we all belong to Allah who’s God in Islam and we shall return to him.

“Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raj’iun (We surely belong to Allah and to Him we shall return). Following the death my elder brother Haji Dubow Bare Duale in a grisly road accident. He was a 62 yrs old.” Aden Duale twitted

Additionally, MP Aden Duale ascertains that his elder brother took a major role in his upbringing and was a kind of loving and caring brother who was a bond in their family and an elder in their community. Dubow Bare will be buried today after the end of prayers as Duale affirms.

“He was a brother who took part in my upbringing, He was loving, a bond of our family and an elder in the community. He was the Chairman of Masjid ibnu Qayim. He will be buried today after Asr prayers and his janazah prayers will at Masjid ibnu Qaayim.” Aden Duale twitted

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