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More Trouble For Museveni As ICC Receives A Critical Message

James Musyoki



Photo: Bobi Wine at a past event

Ugandan pop singer cum politician Robert Kyagulani alias Bobi Wine has called on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate President Yoweri Museveni over increased human rights abuse by the Ugandan government. Wine said this while addressing members of the press through a conference call that was interrupted by a police officer hauled who him out of his vehicle through the window accusing him of being illegally parked. 


Photo: Bobi Wine, Uganda’s Opposition Leader


“I hope that the International Criminal Court can call (Museveni) to order and remind him that he is also a human being… The international community has not done enough to help the people of Uganda,” Wine said. The Kyaddondo East MP has told journalists that his complaint to the ICC targets Museveni and nine other senior security officials who have a history of torturing him (Bob Wine), his supporters, and civil society activists. 


Wine accuses Museveni of the deliberate “shoot to kill” orders that saw 54 people being shot dead by security forces in November last year during protests against his (Wine) arrests. The pop singer also wants the veteran president charged for torturing an activist by allegedly placing him in a tank of freezing water with a hot metal plate above his head before he was later targeted with venom sprayed from several cobras concealed in a basket. The same activist was also forced to watch another detainee have his eye gouged out besides being shown a pile of about ten dead human bodies.


Wine’s sentiments come at a time when Uganda is expected to go to the ballot in the January 14th general elections. So far Bobi is the main rival to veteran President Yoweri Museveni in the upcoming elections.

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