Tips On How To Earn Money During The Covid-19 Lockdown Boredom


What motivates me is the fact that the Chinese community use the same word for Crisis and opportunity. This brings out the reality that in every crisis there is an opportunity knocking at your door. Most remarkable inventions in world were made during times of pandemics.The Covid-19 pandemic has left many people jobless. Most employees have been compelled to work from home. This is a clarion call for all of us to think outside the box and make money online.

According to a report by Zoom technology , they recorded an exponential growth in the number of users from 10 Million in December to 200 Million during the Corona Virus pandemic which is an indication that most people are relying on the internet to do their day to day activities. It is very possible that after the Corona Virus pandemic most companies are going to change the way they have been performing their operations.

Photo: A person earning online

The internet provides us many opportunities that can enable you make a living at the comfort of our homes.There are many money making writing opportunities available in the internet space. If you are talented in writing take a bold step and join the freelancing companies. These are some of companies that you can join and make a daily earning: freelancer, pay per hour, Up work and Opera News.

Facebook provides farmers a chance to market their produce and rich harvest. What you need to do is to join about 10 facebook groups from your locality that have over 200 members. Advertise your farm produce three times a day, you can organise a way of delivering the produce to people.

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Last week I met a high school teacher who decided to go out of his own way in a bid to make ends meet. After the government closed down schools he ran out of options. Being a teacher who’s employed by the board of management. He disclosed to me that since April he hasn’t received enough payment from the school that could sustain him.
The literature teacher decided to use his knowledge to publish a revision book. In the last conversation we had with him he revealed to me that he had made a substantial amount of money. No human is limited and within us there is untapped potential we need to go out of our way and make our jobs digital.


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