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Mob Attacks Injuring Men in Mathare

Edwine Agesa



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Two Men were left nursing serious injuries after a mob attacked them in Area 4 of Mathare slums. According to reports by Ghetto Radio on Friday, January 8, a group of boys attacked the two claiming they were gay.

Fredrick Odhiambo and John Muthoni were approached by a group of boys who forcefully asleep them to enter a house. The group then descended on the two with knives and broken bottles.

Muthoni, who talked to the radio, revealed that the allegations were made up so they would be attacked.

“Before we knew it, they were hitting us with broken bottles, stabbing us and reigning blows on us,” he narrates.

John Muthoni says that he currently cannot walk in Mathare because of the label of gayism placed on him by the residents.

“I am not happy with what happened, I cannot walk in Mathare, they are calling me gay and asking me where my husband Batata is,” Muthoni disclosed.

“Even when i am with my wife, they ask me a lot of questions. if i had the opportunity, I would leave,” he concluded.

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