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Mixed Reactions As Uhuru Caught Breaking Covid-19 Rules

Lamech Bwabi



On Monday photos went viral on social media revealing president Kenyatta attracting a large a crowd in Nairobi. The president was moving in Nairobi launching several development projects and thus attracted the crowd. The photos have showed people closely gathered and therefore going against the set regulations by the ministry of health and the government headed by his excellency president Uhuru Kenyatta.
The president while addressing the nation urged Kenyans to adhere to the rules governing the spread of covid 19 so as to curb the disease. These included wearing face mask, washing hands or using sanitizers, avoiding physical contact and maintaining a social distance of up to 1.5 metres. The crowd that was close to the president had not maintained the space as required by the ministry and his own government.
He moved with his convoy waving to the crowd and thus got a lot of attention. Netizens were quick to react as he broke the rules that he himself set. The situation rose eyebrows for if one person among the crowd is positive with covid 19, then majority of the people present could have contracted the virus that easily spreads for it is air borne.
The president has been so quiet on development issues and most of the times he has been mandating a committee to manage the projects. He has now decided to be on the ground during this hard time when the nation is facing a pandemic. Nairobi county leadership is divided into two where governor Mike Sonko agreed to share roles with the national government and thus majority of development is done by the national government in the capital city.
His deputy William Ruto has also been actively involved in development projects. Before his relation with the president fell out, Ruto had been saying that he is implementing the president agendas for he is his deputy. He has also been criticised on social media for breaching the covid 19 rules. Ruto has been inviting religious leaders to his home almost daily for prayers and thus not avoiding gatherings.

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