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Mishi Mboko: I Will Quit ODM If Raila Is Not On The Ballot

Lamech Bwabi



Likoni member of parliament Mishi Mboko has threatened to quit the ODM party if the party leader Raila Odinga does not vie for presidency.While speaking in his constituency in a food distribution act to the less fortunate, Mboko believes that Raila is the only man capable of leading the nation as president despite losing consecutively to Uhuru.According to the mp, If Raila will not be on the ballot, then she seizes to be a member of ODM.
“Raila Odinga deserves to lead this nation. If he will not be in the ballot for presidency in 2022, then I will be quitting ODM,” said the Likoni member of parliament.
Despite he(Raila Odinga) not making it clear whether he will vie or not, his confidants believe that he is the only man capable of leading the nation.His brother Oburu Odinga said that Raila will be on the ballot and is the man to get the highest seat in 2022.He said that now they have president Kenyatta who is controlling the system and that gives them the assurance that they will occupy the highest seat.
Oburu said they have been winning elections and lack of transparency has caused the ODM leader not to be president.With the handshake, many political pundits have said that Raila was finding a way to get supremacy.In 2017, Raila lost to Kenyatta in an election that witnessed rifts and appeals.Odinga with his NASA coalition won an appeal but rejected the election repeat with alleged lack of transparency.

Photo: ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga

He swore himself as the people’s president and it almost divided the nation.On March 9 they joined hands with Uhuru and led to Jubilee division I.e Tangatanga and Kieleweke. Ruto who had also made it clear that he will vie for president in 2022, opposed the handshake with allegations that Odinga had gone to try to block his presidential bid.
The 2022 race will be tight as different leaders try to align themselves.Many supporters have shown loss in confidence in the ODM leader after failing to make it to state house.He is now championing for the BBI that advocates for constitutional changes.However, it has faced critics with allegations that Odinga and Kenyatta are seeking to maintain high positions in power.

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