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Miguna Turns Down Uhuru’s Company ‘Offer’

Miguna Turns Down Uhuru’s Company ‘Offer’
Photo: Dr Miguna Miguna

K24 News anchor’s announcement on June 27th concerning interviewing Miguna Miguna during the punchline show, set Twitter a blaze as many people expected him to declare his stand on various issues of national interest.
However, Miguna made a last minute decision to turn down the invitation by Ann Kiguta as he alleged that the interview had been diluted by Mutahi Ngunyi.
He further protested the move by Ann Kiguta to interview him together with Counselor Ndegwa Njiiru who was representing Kirinyaga MCA’s during Waiguru’s impeachment hearing at the Senate.

“I’ve cancelled my appearance after your last-minute attempt to dilute the important national issues @AnneKiguta and I had agreed to discuss on #Punchline. I know despot Uhuru Kenyatta owns @K24Tv and has pulled a fast one. I’m not willing to compromise my principles. #uhurumustgo, ” Miguna remarked.

Miguna went on to say that he is neither from Kirinyaga nor Kirinyaga MCA. He revealed that he leads a revolutionary movement. He said that he is struggling for Kenya’s liberation and justice to all.

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi hitted back at him, ” Miguna Miguna is a PINK Soldier running a PAPER TIGER Revolution. He got SCARED of #Punchline tonight because he CLAIMS I was part of it. The FELLOW is such a WASTE of NATIONAL IMAGINATION. An OVER-RATED drama QUEEN. I need to MENTOR him!”

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“Miguna Miguna must stop comparing himself to Fidel Castro. Fidel Castro never sold his citizenship the way Miguna Miguna did. While Fidel Castro was motivated by ideologies Miguna Miguna is a man who is motivated by nothing except hatred and cheap verbal diarrhea, “Mau Mau Ragula said.



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