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Miguna Reveals Damaging Details On Uhuru Sending GEMA Elders To Buganda Kingdom

Lamech Bwabi



The National Resistance Movement(NRM) self proclaimed general,Miguna Miguna, has launched an attack to president Kenyatta through his Facebook page.Miguna has accused Kenyatta for misusing public funds by sending GEMA elders to Uganda.Details emerged that a section of the elders had been sent to the Buganda Kingdom by their kingpin, president Uhuru Kenyatta.
Miguna wrote, ” Despot  Uhuru Kenyatta has been misusing public funds to send hundreds of GEMA “elders” to Uganda and other tyrannical states to “learn” how to be more tribalistic and “unite to retain power,” The #coronacoalition isn’t interested in Kenya and Kenyans.They want to be EMPERORS. #UhuruMustGo.
The controversial lawyer who is well known for being a critic, was pessimistic on the president’s act to use public funds to send GEMA elders to Buganda.According to Miguna, it is his(president’s) plan to unite with the elders so that he can continue being in power even when his term expires in 2022.
Miguna has found it hard returning to Kenya since being deported when he participated in a controversial swearing in of opposition leader Raila Odinga as the people’s president.Through his social media accounts, Miguna has been keen on what has been happening in the country since he was blocked from boarding any plane to return to Kenya.
It is understood that a group of elders from Gikuyu, Embu and Meru(GEMA) had a tour to the Buganda kingdom as reported by the nation.The council chair Wachira Kiago speaking to Nation said that the visit was to help the leaders remain together and vote in unison when 2022 general elections come.
The chair said that it was important for the elders to see how the Buganda kingdom’s numerical strength has helped them have a say in Uganda’s government. The Mt Kenya region is not united since the results after the  handshake where the relationship between the president and his deputy fell out.Some leaders in the region are aligned to Ruto(Tangatanga) while the remaining section backs the president and ODM leader Rails Odinga(Kieleweke).
It is alleged that the president sort support from the elders for the fear that Ruto with his allies are not supporting his government. The division has hindered development leaving Wanjiku suffering and as mode of trying to bring people together, the GEMA elders were sent to Buganda kingdom.

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