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Miguna Miguna Tears Murathe And Atwoli For Mentioning Raila

Lamech Bwabi



Few hours after COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli seconded Murathe’s view that Kenyans should prepare for the leadership of Raila Odinga, controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna took a chap at them. According to the lawyer, Raila will not be president and Uhuru will not support him for presidency.
He claimed that Atwoli is behind the handshake because Kenyatta has the tyranny of numbers and therefore opposing could have threatened his current job. The outspoken elf proclaimed NRM general said that Kenyans are committed to transform the unjust society by electing leaders democratically not them being imposed or endorsed.
“Jubilee cowdung Murathe and COTU urinator Atwoli are yelling that Conman Raila Odinga will be imposed on Kenyans by Despot Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022 for one term. That’s an expired voodoo myth. Jomo and Kibaki took power past 75 but clung to it by force. Kenya isn’t a slave estate. Everyone knows that Conman Raila Odinga will not be president and that Despot Uhuru Kenyatta has played him like an imbecile that he is.
Atwoli worships KANU, Dictator Moi and Kenyatta tyranny because without them he could only have risen to a village herder. Atwoli and Murathe et al have no capacity to thrive in a free, democratic and equitable society where everyone EARNS their livelihoods by their ABILITIES, LABOUR and EFFORTS.
Patriotic Kenyans are committed to transforming the existing unequal and unjust society into one that values basic human rights, good governance, rule of law and social justice for all; a society where leaders with INTEGRITY will be DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED – NOT IMPOSED.#UhuruMustGo #DespotsMustFall.” Said in his official Facebook page.
Miguna has been keen on government proceedings and has always criticised ODM leader Raila Odinga and President Kenyatta.He was once a confidant of the former prime minister and even participated in swearing him in as people’s president illegally.Since then he was deported and has found it hard to have his way back into the country.
Murathe’s view has attracted views from netizens and leaders who each has their own opinion.Raila has been trying for so many years to find supremacy but things have remained hard and now Murathe believes that his time has come.

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