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Merciless Atwoli Dismantles Ruto On Live TV

Job Maangi



Photo: COTU Boss Francis Atwoli

On Wednesday three more counties approve BBI bill bringing total to 41 which paved way for the bill to proceed to the National Assembly and the Senate.

According to press release sent to the media stations by Building bridges initiative Secretariat, the team appreciated members of the county assemblies for Supporting the bill.

The President Uhuru and Former Prime minister Raila urged Kenyans to support bill at referendum.
While speaking yesterday, Uhuru Kenyatta said, ” Don’t be fooled that the document is about me.”

In an interview with Citizen TV, Francis Atwoli remarked that BBI is good for Kenya, devolution is good for Kenya since everyone is a winner with BBI and people feel they belong to this country because of Devolution.

” If crowds were to make one a leader, Matiba would have been a President before he died…Don’t be deceived by the crowds…At the end people listen to their leaders,” Francis Atwoli said.

“The question I will ask Kenyans is found in the final Act of Nikolai Gogol’s play the Government Inspector, where the governor asks the audience “What are you laughing at? You’re laughing at yourselves”. Congratulations SC for the Pyrrhic victory!” Murkomen asserted.

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Francis Atwoli commented on Baringo’s vote as he said that it is a protest by MCAs against Gideon Moi and the MCAs are leaders and they need to be talked to…Gideon must move closer to grass root leaders, walk with them, recognize them.

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