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Meet William Ruto’s Eldest Brother Who’s A Peasant Famer, Wallowing In Poverty

Daniel Mutuva



On the basis of reports submission, It’s an expected norm that when one is in the position of influence, the family members should be the first individuals to benefit through allocation of tenders among the others. This might seem to be controversial in DP William Ruto’s family as reports affirms despite of the powerful position DP Ruto holds in Kenya. Ruto has six siblings as per reports but younger brother Harrison Kiptoo unfortunately succumbed of kidney failure.

Many aren’t familiar with Ruto’s family, only DP William Ruto who’s Popular on the basis of his interest in politics and the position he hold as the Deputy President of Republic of Kenya. Other DP William Ruto’s siblings aren’t Popularly known to the public as reports ascertains. Ruto’s mother Sarah Cheruiyot Samoei came to be known when she narrated how she use to fast when DP Ruto was held up at International Criminal Court. His father Daniel Cheruiyot passed away in 2008.

Photo: Paulo Martim Ruto (left) and DP William Ruto (right)

One of DP Ruto’s eldest brother who has developed attention of many following his untold suffering he’s undergoing in the village is Paulo Martin Ruto. Reports ascertains that he wallows in poverty while DP Ruto enjoying the fruits of power. It’s exemplified that DP William Ruto’s brother Paulo Martim languishes in untold suffering and he’s just a pleasant Farmer.

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Many blogs have covered his story apparently due to his hardship he’s undergoing in the village. It’s allegedly reported that DP Ruto had build up a multi-million mansion in the rural area ranged Ksh 1.2 billion yet his brother is suffering. Internet erupted when DP Ruto’s brother Paulo Martim’s hardship life was exposed despite the fact that he’s rich.

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