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Meet The Man Who Got Married To His ‘Daughter’

Clinton Mwenje



Meet The Man Who’s Married To Her Daughter. In most relationships, it is assumed that the male has to always be taller than the female and something other than that is considered to be awkward. Its rare for a tall woman to get married to or date a short man this compared to the number of marriages between a tall man and a short woman to a short man dating a short tall woman is like 1 in every 100,000 people.
This idea or whoever came out with it or maybe its just by nature is okay but as for me as long as you’re in love that’s just okay and height or nothing matters. What if you dated a short man who people confused for your son or rather dated a short woman who people confused for being your daughter everywhere you went?
Meet this couple Richard and Nanette, a husband and wife with a huge difference in heights that most people tend to think that he’s dating his daughter especially when they show their love in public.
Despite being 37 year old, Nannete is 4,3 while his husband is 6,2 and this has always been a thing with Richard saying that people always ask him about his wife even at times taking pictures without their consent, something that they’ve now gotten used to in the public.
He goes on by saying that at times when he goes to the club the first question is always “Why are you bringing your child with you to the club” and he has to explain again and again for people who don’t know them because to some, this is a normal couple between a tall man and a short woman.
So they first met on the net dating sites and after talking or chatting through the phone for sometime, they decided to meet at an airport because Richard was working in Afghanistan while Nannete was still staying in the Philippines where she was born. So after meeting, Richard wasn’t much concerned about the height difference and didn’t see the huge difference in it till his friends started telling him about how he was so tall compared to her wife.
After marriage,they both stayed in the Phillipines for a few years and later moved to New York where they were blessed with a baby girl who now understands that she has a very tall dad and a short mom.
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