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Meet Babu Owino’s Multi-Million Range Rover That Might Surprise You

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Meet Babu Owino's Multi-Million Range Rover That Might Surprise You

Babu Owino is the current Member of Parliament of Embakasi East and one of the young members of parliament in the National Assembly. He’s one of the young politicians who are popular in Kenya. Babu Owino is also respected by many more especially comrades. He’s not just an ordinary many but he’s rich on the basis of the wealth he possesses.

Babu Owino possesses a very expensive vehicle that’s a Range Rover. Reports indicate that the member of Embakasi East bought the 2017 Range Rover this year 2020. It’s quite attractive and interesting to many. It’s spacious and has an upscale Interior and reports indicate that it cost him Ksh 20 million.

 2014 Range Rover Sport

The Expensive Range Rover has classic seats fixed with sensors for the improvement of safety. It’s well designed and has an air conditioner. It’s mostly used by honorable Embakasi MP Babu Owino. It’s driven by an experienced driver as reports show.

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