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Maria Puts Kenyans Lives In Danger, Netizens React

Job Maangi



Photo: Maria with TV boyfriend Luwi Hausa

Citizen TV made a move to start a local Swahili program that runs through out the whole week in order to promote Kenyan talent.

Maria Swahili program that is normally aired on Citizen TV every weekday from 7pm to 8pm has continued to win the hearts of many people of many people because of the talent and creativity of the actors.

The Program encompasses all dimensions of life starting from the Social life, Religion, culture and economical aspect of life.

Maria actors include Luwi Hausa, Maria, Madam Vicky, Victor, Naomi (Terry Ombaka), Lona (Tina Njabi), Brenda (Maureen Wangari), Delila (Edna Nguka), Father Ezekiel (Musa Ore), Mother Teresa (Grace Obuya), Silas (Nyakundi Isaboke).

Ben (Timothy Musyoka), Rufina (Sussy Malaki), Thomas (Quincy Ando),Koros (Edwin Buni), Marianne (Botul Abdalla), Gloria (Asha Hussein), Mama Chapo (Sarah Mataki) Kanini (Alice Mari), Dogo (Jane Mulanda), Pupa (Umar Hussein), Fali (Teddy Brian), Collo (Joseph Kiplabatt), Tekno (Anthony Ashioya).

Maria who is the lead actress posted a video where she met very many children at Huruma slums.

The Citizen TV actor did not put into consideration the Covid-19 guidelines such as social distancing, children did not put on masks and other health guidelines.

Qrees_itis said, “Sweetie vaa mask”
Dola.edwin appreciated, “Una roho safi”
nyabokesprinnah Maria, muenindemwa Such love.

Ramlitho_kyym remarked, ” Raha na kubarikiwa sana kupendwa na watoto, haya wapangie lunch japo ya Christmas na wao.”

Abbylynn67 asserted, “How does it feel being every one’s favauch I envy you♡ We love you”

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