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Maria Actor Luwi Hausa Excites Fans With A New Trick Of Making Money

Job Maangi



Maria TV program that is normally aired on Citizen TV every weekday from 7:30pm to 8:00pm is among the most watched shows in the country.
The television series has won the hearts of many people, because it encompasses all aspects of life starting from relationship, crime, family life and religion.

In the drama program, Luwi Hausa and Maria are the most loved actor and actress respectively, this is because Luwi who comes from a rich background went against all odds to love Maria a street child.
On the 3rd of June Brian Ogana (Luwi Hausa) excited fans when he unveiled a new trick of making money online by using an App.
Brian Ogana posted on his Instagram page an advert that featured his Television girl friend Maria about ways of making money using the Pessafy.

“#pessafy who said you cant venture into bussiness as a couple? With @pessafy you don’t need capital to jump start your bussiness. Download the app from google play store @pessafy create your profile, fill in your details, and you are good to,” Luwi Hausa asserted.
Luwi revealed a person needs only to download the app, create their profile and they will be able to make a revenue online after following the simple guidelines.
This advertisement made fans to be excited as many commented below it and Expressed satisfaction and gratitude.

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