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Mama Dangote And Young Lover Spark Baby Bump Photos To The Online Community

Melinda Venessa



Diamond’s sister Esma Khan’s colourful wedding affair in Dar es Salaam served us hot tea. They not only had couple goals and many bubbly photos from the well planned and star-studded event, but also they gave us the idea of Mama Dangote’s pregnancy. The bongo star’s mother, Sandra Kassim, is not only a mother but also a grandmother to atleast six beautiful grandchildren and still counting more to come.

Mama Dangote after parting ways with Diamond’s father, Mzee Abdul Juma, moved on to falling in love with a younger guy, Rally Jones, who’s her alleged lover thereby stirring speculations on the lifespan of their alleged marriage. And the two have been out here to prove the world wrong with their lovey-dovey affair and public display of affection if the recent reports are anything to go by.

In a series of photos shared on the internet, the aging granny stood out in her daughter’s wedding in a sparkling and glittery fitting tail-fish dress that unapologetically hugged her bulging belly.

The bride’s mother was also spotted on several other occassions constantly touching her protruding belly, probably maybe trying to cope up with her situation. Netizens were quick to spot her unusual protruding belly thereby sparking speculations online of a baby being on board. Maybe we could attribute the bulging belly to her adding some weight due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions but we can not refute the fact that she might be expecting a child.

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