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Major Development In WhatsApp As Details Emerges

Edwine Agesa




Facebook owned messaging application Whatsapp has received a lot of backlash in the recent past due to its change in privacy settings. This has given a new application, Signal, to be popularized in the market.

Signal is a messaging app that has been in existence for 3 years now. The messaging app was launched in February 2018 after the Signal Foundation received $50 million from Brian Acton.

The application was created partly by the Signal Messenger Company which is part of the Foundation.

In comparison with Whatsapp, the application sends one on one and group messages between users. It also sends files such as audio, video and documents.

Signal works on Android 4.4 version or later models. It also can be downloaded on Windows 7 and iOS 11.1 or later versions.

Google Play Store hosts the application making it easier to download it. As of June 2020, the application was downloaded 32.4 million times.

The application now has 20 million monthly users and the number is set to increase as whatsapp reviews it Privacy policy from February 2021.

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