Major Causes Of Breakups And Divorce You Should Know

Breakups and divorce are bad. Though some bring relief to some partners depending on the reasons, generally they are never good. There is nothing painful like breaking the bond completely with the person who was part of your life.
Divorce and breakups destroys everything that was fully depending on the partnership of the relationship.
Divorce and breakups don’t just happen, they cook with time and once ready, they burst. There are several reasons and causes of divorce but the following are the four main causes.
1. Too much expectations
Expectations are and should always be there in every single relationship. It helps in giving directions on what to achieve in a relationship.
There can never be a relationship without expectations. Even that false or wrong relationship has one or two. What gives birth to divorce or breakups is when expectations surpasses the ability of a partner in a relationship.
Too much expectations pushes a person to the limit and the result is never pleasing. One should not demand too much from a fellow partner be it emotionally, physically or financially.
2. Physical Abuse
Hurting one another physically causes insecurities. Physical abuse is life threatening. No person can live in a house full of torture.
3. Infidelity
This too is a solid reason that causes divorce. Mostly it is brought by s*xual unsatisfaction. Infidelity which means unfaithfulness to the other partner contributes to a bigger percentage of breakups and divorce in the world of marriage and relationships.
4. Rushing into relationships
Knowing each other well before getting deeper into a relationship is a key factor. Rushing things is always a big blunder because you will never get to learn about some of the things that are very crucial about your partner.


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