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Majirani Officially Quits Music

Edwine Agesa



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Photo: Tom Watimah

Tom Watimah popularly known as Majirani has officially given up on music. Posting on his Facebook wall on Tuesday January 26, the artist requested his fans to now refer to him by his original name as he was no longer interested in music.

Majirani, known for his hit songs Hivo ndio Kunaendanga, revealed earlier this year that he was struggling in the Music Industry. His predicament got highlighted by various media houses but he did not get the help he needed.

The once Grandpa Records star disclosed that various people and organizations came up to help but when he looked at the deals, he realized it wasn’t real help.

The rapper claimed that most of those labels were out to destroy him rather than build him up. Well wishers who commented on his sad posts online did not bother to help him solve his issues either.

Majirani had tried to make a comeback in the Music Industry by doing a collaboration with Sailors but the drama with former manager Mwalimu Rachel costed him dearly.

Black Market Records wasn’t of much help too as it kept the rapper struggling to release his music. Majirani wrote a long post explaining his current situation.

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“Hoping this will be last time i will be posting about my life on social media…i have recorded a record 12 songs which are yet to be released i was serious when i told u guys that am back and am gonna work extra hard to create more music for u, i kept my word but life didn’t keep its word…so u might never get the chance to listen to them….soo sorry, ” Majirani wrote.

“I have therefore decided to quit , i will be releasing my last song at the end of this month…it will be a goodbye song and dedication to u guys who have been loyal to me , i never came to compete , i came to entertain then make money and help change my family’ s financial situation but that didn’t happen..i wont blame anyone for my woes in the game…i just wanna stop for now…go back to the village start from scratch and be happy …when we meet on the streets please call me Zappy or Tom not majirani anymore. Thank you,” he wrote on his wall.

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