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Magufuli’s Headache: Tundu Antipus Lissu’s Track record

Webster Momanyi



Photo: Tanzania Opposition Leader Tundu Lissu

Tundu Antipus Lissu, one of Tanzania’s current presidential aspirant, has been the member of parliament for SINGIDA EAST for two terms. In parliament, he was the leader of opposition.

As a leader of opposition in parliament, Lissu who adds up as the President of the Tanzania Law Society was shot 16 times. His driver died on the spot. Lissu was airlifted to Kenya and later to Sweden. He is on record for undergoing 20 surgeries during the period. While away for medication the speaker of the Tanzanian parliament declared Lissu’s seat as vacant.

Lissu was not shaken, after all almost all members of the Tanzanian opposition parties were either shot or jaile

Tundu came back stronger and more energized. The main opposition Party CHADEMA nominated him to be the flag bearer. Weeks later the party leader was shot severally. This was followed by media blackout. Draconian laws were passed to curtail Tundu’s campaigns, noting that there’s not even a single day a Tanzanian media house was allowed to air Tundu’s campaign.

Social media plartfoms, WhatsApp in particular was restricted over the same. Many people were arrested for criticising MAGU. The artists were threatened to compose songs and praise MAGU and that not even a single artist was allowed to support LISSU or else their concerts would require government approvals.

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Despite that, Tundu gained ground within a very short time. The government stopped his campaigns for a week before the international community intervened over the same.

On Tuesday evening, reports have it that several CHADEMA leaders in TARIME district were shot severally in the presence of the police and nothing happened and the injured being arrested as the election date approaches on 28th October. Social media too have gotten gagged from airing any proceedings.

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