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Magufuli Makes A Prophesy That Will Send The Whole World To Tanzania

Job Maangi



Photo: Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli

Tanzania president Dr John Pombe Magufuli surprised the whole world when he defied the Corona virus directives and measures as he declared the country free of the virus.

President Magufuli revealed that the main reason behind the success of the Tanzanians in the fight against the deadly Pandemic was the prayers Which they made to God.

Covid-19 pandemic threatened to Cause hostility between Tanzania and other neighboring countries such as Kenya and Uganda.

The president praised the country as he said that they progressed well in dealing with the pandemic compared to super Nation.

During an address to Farmers of Bukoba, northwest of Tanzania, the president urged them to increase their food production so that they can be able to cater for the food shortage in the whole world.

He predicted the possibility of having food shortage in this year since most countries imposed lockdowns and other measures which greatly affected food production.

Actually in Tanzania it was on 29 April, when the last official data was released, with 509 confirmed cases and 21 deaths.
During the recently concluded elections, Magufuli was accused of intimidating his Opponents which made the main opposition leader John Lissu to flee the country.

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