Magufuli In Trouble, Britain Takes A Stun Action


President John Pombe Magufuli surprised the whole world when he made a decision last year to declare the country Covid-19 free at a time when every country was struggling to combat the pandemic.

Tanzanian government then stopped announcing the daily reports on the Covid-19 cases in the country as life proceeded as usual.

The neighboring country conducted the elections with complete disregard of the world health Organization protocols such as the wearing of face masks, sanitation and social distancing.

Dr Magufuli insisted that the prayers Which they made to God is what has enabled to fight the global crisis which has crippled most Nations.

The president’s stand has been been a great cause of the hostility between the neighboring countries such as Uganda and Tanzania with Tanzania.

A report from BBC which outlined that one of families is Mourning the death of their loved who is suspected to have contracted Covid-19 has raised the eyebrows of many people.

Contrary to other nations which have embraced and started ordering the Covid-19 vaccines, Tanzania government has warned citizens from using the vaccines.

Tanzania has Suffered a major setback after British government banned all travellers from the East African country for failing to comply to the Covid-19 protocols.

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