Magoha’s New Move On Colleges And Higher Institutions Of Learning Reopening


Prof George Magoha today toured various public colleges in Murang’a County and scrutinized various area in the higher Institutions of learning to check on how prepared they are on the reopening in the month September this year.

“Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha today toured various public colleges in Murang’a County to assess their preparedness for resumption of studies in this era,” Education Ministry twitted.

Magoha took measurements in different points to ascertain whether they complied to the guidelines concerning social distancing in line with the World Health Organization directives.

For Instance the tough speaking Cabinet Secretary was spotted at the Water points where students normally fetch water measuring using a tape the distance between one tap to another.

He later entered classroom to check on the arrangement of Chairs, desks and also checked on the distance between one learner to another.

Magoha took to notice the upcoming cases of teenage Pregnancies in the country. He was annoyed by a case in which, A chief alongside other individuals raped a girl in a forest.

The Education Ministry made a decision to close down all primary Schools and secondary upto January 2021 schools due to the inability to meet social distancing guidelines because of the large number of students in the various schools.

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Universities are expected to resume learning at the end of July as Forth Years, Masters, PHD students will go to class ahead of other students who are expected to Join In September.

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