Magix Enga’s New Hand And Face Tattoos Cause A Stir Online (Photos)

Kenyan Music Producer Magix Enga


Every tattoo is a statement in its own from crosses, to butterflies, to birds, and even punctuation marks. Tattoos may be skin deep, but their significance goes even deeper. A tattoo is a form of body art, and the messages sent by body art are an individual’s self-expression, but there are recurring ideas that can often tell you something about the wearer of the tattoo.

Tattoos have become the new norm in the celebrity world, more so those in the entertainment industry. People get tattoos for various reasons. Many get it for aesthetic purposes, some get it for romantic reasons to express love to their loved ones, some get it for vengeance, and others because of memories they wish to see last. Each tattoo tells a story.

Renowned Kenyan music producer and singer Magix Enga and his girlfriend Rahma served us couple goals. Rahma tattooed his name on her left arm, probably promising him forever love.

Just recently, the Beat King decided to flaunt his string of brand new body tattoos to his fans which have raised brows and left his fans questioning. The tattoos run from his neck to the tattoo on his right rib before showing off his cryptic hand tattoos. Both his arms are covered in tattoos.

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On his left forearm is a scary face with eyes popping, and middle finger up with the caption“F**k fake friends” implying he has no business with fake selfish friends.

At the back of his left palm, he has his inked portrait.


At the top of his face, he has a floral tattoo.




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