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Madam Boss Pantless! Kenyans React To Photo Of Akothee With Her Legs Apart

Cornelius Mukhovi



Madam Boss Pantless! Kenyans React To Esther Akothee,a Kenyan female musician alias Akothee is getting a lot of insults from the social media. Despite the fact that she is much known for being a savage and always seems to give a deaf ear to what people say about her,it seems to have been too much for to bear since it’s barely a week when words were thrown to her after she defended her daughter Rue Baby,who was getting insults from her social media followers. Akothee decided to defend her.


She claimed that her daughter is beautiful and so much pretty,so no one should question about that,she also added by saying that her behind is grown,giving her maximum beauty any girl can posses. The self-declared president of single mothers,the Mwiituasa hitmaker Madam boss herself by the name Akothee has recently come under fire well,hilarious funny reactions from Kenyans after she posted her pictures in a classroom wearing school uniforms.

Esther Akothee [Courtesy]

On a photo she posted yesterday,Akothee seems to be sitting on the front desk,back then in schools,a girl was told not to sit with her legs exposing her parts, this seems to be completely different from what Akothee is doing.

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Although it is not a classroom,some of her followers seem to have taken this from a different perspective. They are bitter about about her sitting posture and think that it is against the societal norms for a girlchild.

Some said that that sitting posture will give male teachers hard time while on the front part of the class. Although people may sound bitter about how the singer was sitting,her main intention was to pass a message over the ones she dated before,she seems to have learnt and has a lot to write about her past experiences.

Similarly,she is an entertainer and not a pupil,so people should not take her positively concerning the same. Kenyans do really love reacting to posts,this is now like a talent if not a hobby to most Kenyans in social media. They are always there to make you laugh. From this pandemic and sadness around the globe, I guess it is okay if we get to laugh abit.

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